Aisha Tambo

I have been searching for answers forever it feels, and looking for ways to feel better about myself and my life.  I've realized over the last few years that the 'problems' haven't been with me but how I've been thinking about things and creating my reality. 

After spending the last decade working in the field of Social Services in Australia and here in Toronto I am now dedicated to helping people remember that we're all Divine Beings in physical form. We are here to learn lessons, progress, and have fun.  I believe that we're all interconnected and are responsible to each other and for the experiences in our own lives.  There's so much wisdom to access internally, we simply have to learn how to look inside and remember.  

I now offer Personal Training for the Spirit which incorporates a range of exercises designed to help one notice their thoughts, constriction and expansion in the body, energetic vibration, and what's being reflected in the outer world that may be mirroring the inner world. Personal Training for the Spirit is really for people who are invested in (self) healing; who've done therapy; and are ready to take responsibility for their lives to create joy both within and without.

If you'd like to chat about whether Personal Training for the Spirit is for you, please call or email to book a free 30 minute appointment in person or over the phone.


Phone: 647-517-4446