Three days, small group, experiential workshop

Beyond Self-Care: Recognize and Metabolize Oppression in the Body

This is a small group (8 people) experiential workshop, extending over three days and includes one individual Somatic Experiencing session.

The workshop is facilitated by Aisha Tambo and Prapti Giri

Who is it for?

This workshop is designed for frontline workers and activists who want to learn how to be more grounded in the work that they do and in the spaces that they work in. Learn how to recognize how your body holds stress and responds to institutional oppression. Learn how to nurture your resilience in order to process what you carry.

Dates: June 9, 2018 (10am-4pm), June 10, 2018 (10am-1pm), and June 16, 2018 (10am-4pm)

*Includes 1 individual somatic experiencing session*

Location: Multi-Faith Centre, 569 Spadina Ave, Toronto

Fee: $545 (Limited sliding scale spots are available)

**A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total costs ($136.25) must be paid 1 month before the course begins in order to secure a spot. There are a maximum of 6 spots. The remainder of the non-refundable fee ($408.75) is to be paid at the time the course begins.

**Please inquire if you need an alternate payment plan.

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Workshop Outline

Saturday Morning: Regulation and Co-Regulation

  • We begin by noticing strengths and resources in our bodies and how we can utilize one another to regulate our nervous systems
  • Learn how your body and mind operate in the range of resilience
  • What happens when we step out of the range of resilience? (Fight, Flight, Freeze)

Saturday Afternoon: Boundaries and Overriding

  • Boundaries help us maintain safety in the presence of others
  • Learn how your body says "No" and how your body says "Yes"
  • What happens when we override our own boundaries? How do we both co-operate with what our body needs and with cultural expectations?

Sunday Morning: Ancestral Legacy

  • Understanding our origins gives perspective on how we move about in the world and respond to one another
  • Talking circle about our heritage
  • What are our ancestor's strengths? How did they survive? What survival strategies can we say "yes" to and what strategies are no longer useful?

Saturday Morning: Oppression in the Body

  • We now take time to recognize how we hold oppression in the body and to metabolize what we hold
  • Discuss systemic oppression and power dynamics
  • Learn about titration and the skills from the last three weeks to metabolize oppression in the body

Saturday Afternoon: Gratitude, Privilege, Power, and Responsibility (**Three hour class)

  • Take time to feel gratitude in the body and notice what it is like to expect abundance rather than scarcity
  • Learn how your body responds to concepts of hope and love
  • What is possible when we connect to abundance? How do our bodies respond?
  • Closing ceremony

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