Shaila Khan, MA, DMT

I believe that every individual has a right to live from a place of vivacious agency that allows your needs and desires to be actualized. You have a right to feel the safety and internal nourishment offered in your own body, as you navigate through life.

My practice encompasses embodied forms of psychotherapy. I combine sensorimotor psychotherapy and dance movement psychotherapy as the primary modalities of treatment. My background as belly dance performer and teacher for over a decade has given me insight on the power of somatics. As we continue to decolonize therapy and question older models that focused on cognition or "mind-set" alone, we have an opportunity to reinvest existing knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors that viewed mental well-being as movement, dance , community health and belonging. Neuroscience provides evidence which shows us that we cannot heal traumas by our thoughts alone.

I continue to enjoy offering body-based movement and dance workshops to allow for creative explorations focusing on embodying resiliency and accessing innate pleasure and sensuality as a form of empowerment. I like to incorporate practical ways that dance/movement can support nervous-system regulation and allow for mindful awareness that goes beyond sitting meditation. I am completing my final year of studies in Dance Movement Therapy, at the National Centre for Dance Therapy in Montreal, I am subsequently completing my training from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. I hold a Masters of Dance from York University as well. I am the current Vice-President of Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada.

As a practitioner, I am aware that individual histories of mental health are connected by experiences of racism, classism, sexism and other forms of oppression. I strive to integrate the most updated anti-oppressive and trauma-informed practices through constant education and by receiving quality mentorship.

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